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best coffe in bolivia
collecting farm fresh eggs
Oliver(Germany) and Martin(Poland) they were only clean for this foto otherwise they were busy working all of February and March 2013 on many many projects! Amazing help!
Sebastian and I rebuilding the oven that cooks and bakes everything we eat! thank you Sebastian for your incredible help in January 2013!
Dana and Bar (Israel)collecting the most flavourful
and colorful eggs you probably
ever try in your life!

Work is a possibility at for 2 basic reasons

1) to learn:   since we do things in an way that is mostly unknown in our society today Ginger's Paradise is like a school to learn about organic agriculture, permaculture, arquetecture, masonry, water supply and water systems, generating electricity in ecofriendly ways, cooking on woodfire, cooking with fresh vegetables, spices, grains and much more. also learn life philosophies, art and music!

2)for upto a 33% discount:  for people who stay more than one night it is possible to work inorder to compensate cost

work is usually in the garden areas and it is not light or easy on the hands most of the time.
only experienced people should chop wood for the fire. but alot of work is with shovels or machetes. people staying one week or more will get to try each step (i.e.  preparation of terrain, planting, harvesting, cooking, construction and animal husbandry. work is done in the first part of the day just after breakfast and only for the first 10 people)
learn to milk a cow, make great cheese and yogurt
learn to milk a cow, make yogurt, cheese and dulce de leche!

in less than 2 weeks you can become a master  milker!

Now we offer the possibility to work in a fulltime volunteer position!

For 1 to 2 persons each month, the requierments are:

*To have a very good understanding of gastronomy and know how to cook for sevral people.

*To have at least one month available to dedicate to said work at  Ginger's Paradise.

Responsible chefs who are interested in this position contact us via email as follows:                                                      

Contact us by email if you want to reserve weeks in advance - gingersparadise@gmail.comor by phone #67774772   or  #73101864