A music recoring studio in the middle of lush jungle, rivers, mountains and organic gardens? Is that possible?  It's inspirational!

Doron from Israel sings from his heart come hear his great music at Ginger's Paradise in our "unfamous hits" colection!!!
Ben from USA  "out of time" is his "unfamous hit"  suprised at what we could do for his song in our  music studio at Ginger's!! Lionel from France has got to be the guitar player to ever set foot in Ginger's Paradise we recorded some "open minded jams" with him!

Finally a recording studio in a quiet and beautiful setting to inspire and help musicians get thier "show on the road" Imagine being able to record in an enviornment that is not stressful, where you can breath the cleanest air and get inspiration from its surrondings.

If you are a musician has an offer for you!

Since the owner of Ginger's Paradise was once a known musician from the band "American Flag" (late 80's early 90's). who's drummer was Johnny Dolmayan (sistem of a down). Cristobal has alot of experience in studios, both for recording and playing. So studio in the jungle is available for use and if you happen to have an original song that is not famous it can qualify to be an "unfamous hit" which also means that it will be recorded free of charge and placed in Cristobal's great collection! You can even take WAV. or MP3 version of it on your ipod, cel phone, or flash memory if you have one!

Contact us by email if you want to reserve weeks in advance  gingersparadise@gmail.comor by phone #67774772   or  #73101864