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Bolivia's most picturesque area has a great place to stay!!!

 *take a moment to relax at our hydromasage you will feel like a baby after!!!
*Food that will make your taste buds jump for joy. sure to be the best food you've had in S.A.!
*Sebastian(Germany) and Yuri(Mexico)(also in background) Hard at work on this mosaic masterpiece! they were our star volunteers this January 2013.

Located on the very edge of the Amazon river basin & the elbow of the Andean mountain range. Ginger's Paradise has the most impressive variety of hiking trails, view points & activities. If you like you can learn about organic farm life, milking cows, collecting eggs from the chickens, working the land or relaxing in a hammock in the shade. You can also learn to make your own house, jewelry, tofu, soy milk, cheese, soap & wine !!!

note that because we produce most of the things that we eat, ginger's paradise is a safe, secure, & ideal place to wait out the typical road blocks, political rioting and landslides from heavy rains ! If you happen to be in Bolivia or especially santa cruz at one of these critical moments you might want to seek refuge from the political storm at ginger's paradise! our hidden valley of Bermejo is also safe from such tropical diseases like dengue, malaria and yellow fever, so you won't need any vaccines or pills !                                                          

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