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Shabat is important at here we feast on the best hummus and falafel with pita you will ever find in Bolivia!!!!
Usually we go to the magnificent river that forms our front yard to enjoy a couple of hours on warm days at
milking love milk
Here is Caroline milking a cow for the first time in her life ! Come learn all you can at

Micheal of England showing the results of his and Coroline's work on one fine morning. minutes later he turned that milk into cheese!

Maya from Isreal jumps from up high into our beautiful river many others look and contemplate making that jump themselves!
The sunroom painted by Ana of England making the shared cabin even more beautiful at

Freshly harvested carrots in the hands of Orquidea with Ginger by her side!Everything is organic at
is not just about big and beautiful Gardens! It is also a place that can teach you about natures delicacies!!!(edible oyster mushrooms! yummy!!!)

Ofir from Israel with newborn Orquidea in 2011. this during her 2nd visit to
Ofir returned in 2013 to for Orquidea's 2nd birthday and to hold the newborn Eclipse!!!!!

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