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Gifts of mother earth couldn't taste better than Paradise!

 Homemade ravioles is alot of work but very rewarding!
learning to make tamales from our fresh corn. over 70% of all the things we eat  are produced  in our garden at!!!!
Jala it must be shabat at

There is alot happening between our gardens and our kitchen most people are amazed at how good our food taste, could it be becuase we cultivate most of what we eat with a great deal of love? Or becuase both Sol & Cristobal are chefs(especially Sol), or could it be a combination of the 2, come find out at Ginger's Paradise!

Most of our food is vegetarian but even avid meat eaters find them selves completely satisfied with the fine balance of legumes, veggies, spices, grains and fruits that arrive on our table along with homemade cheese, yogurt, musli(granola), peanut butter, jams, jellies, marmelades and the ever famous pesto! If you are tired of just food and you want to eat something that is of down home quality ginger's Paradise is that place! Your taste buds will tingle with delight. Ever had an egg from a truly free ranging chicken? You can meet the chicken that it comes from here! Fresh fruitjuices whoes fruits you pick from the trees! Any special request or diets just let us know. We also cater to vegens.

Aside from just tasting incredibly good whole grain bread we will teach you how to make it yourself! The flavour from cooking on a woodburning stove combined with a lifetime of experience will not only taste great but is also good medicine for those of you who have been suffering stomach problems in the rest of south america. Not to mention our straight out of the spring fresh mineral water that needs no boiling nor purification! for more pictures of our meals see food picture gallery

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